The reason
Elite Art Brokerage
Promotes art...

Over the past few decades, we have witnessed a trend in public education and government circles to cut funding to the arts. It has been proven that interesting children in the arts at a young age increases their visual skills. 

Studies have shown that older adults who both created art and attended arts events reported higher cognitive functioning and lower rates of both hypertension and limitations to their physical functioning than did adults who neither created nor attended art. In this hyper stressed world Of online technology and constant connectivity, 

Art gives us that moment of peace and introspection all humans need. Art speaks to us about our culture and society. Art brings meaning and purpose to our common story of human existence. 

We believe Art is the expression of our common story that brings us together and promotes understanding, tolerance and acceptance.

Meet The Founder & Executive Director

Rob Garry

Rob Garry has 40 years of Real Estate Sales Experience in Victoria: Currently a Residential & Commercially licensed realtor with Pemberton Holmes, Victoria.
Rob Garry, originally an urban planner from Edmonton, Alberta Rob Garry was licensed in 1983 as a Commercial and Residential Realtor in Victoria, B.C. Rob Garry has won a Multiple Listing Services Sales Gold Award for Multiple Award Years selling Real Estate in Victoria, B.C.
Rob Garry owned Garry Oak Homes Ltd. And served for many years as Principal Agent for Westcoast Savings Real Estate and Principal Agent for Pacific Coast Savings Real Estate.

Rob Garry has earned a Bachelor of Arts in Urban Planning, University of Alberta. Bachelor of Arts in Economics. University of Alberta. Bachelor of Science in Computer Science University of Victoria. Professional Diploma after a Degree in Marketing University of British Columbia.
Current Affiliations:
Member of the International Real Estate Institute, Member of the First International Investment Association, Member of the Union Club of Victoria, Member of the Victoria Golf Club, Founder of the Victoria Business Club, One of the Founders of the Royal Oak Rotary Club, Member of the Victoria Rotary Club, Member of the Residential and Commercial Real Estate divisions of the Victoria Real Estate Board and the Canadian Real Estate Association.

*Owner Canadasia Trade Ltd.
Canadasia Trade has operated since 1995 helping people immigrate to and invest in Canada. *Owner Garry Oak Wines Ltd.
Garry Oak Wines has assisted in the sale of millions of dollars of B.C. Wine to companies in China. Rob Garr y has over forty years of experience in the wine industr y including wine & liquor sales and part ownership in a vineyard in France for five years.
*Owner Rob Garry Real Estate
Rob Garry has sold residential and commercial real estate in British Columbia since 1983.
*Co Owner of CRE Resources Ltd.
Canada Renewable Energy Resources is currently marketing solar equipment to Middle Eastern companies.
Owner of Elite Art Brokerage